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When a tornado, hurricane, blizzard, wildfire, ice storm, earthquake or tropical storm finally passes—and you and yours are safe—it’s time to take action to mitigate the damage to your property. Structural damage, roof ice damage, power outages, and broken windows leave building interiors and their contents exposed to the elements. Immediate action is needed to prevent further damage.

One call to NCRI connects you to the help you need, anywhere in the U.S.

We mobilize an entire network of disaster recovery resources to help mitigate the loss to your property and help you rebuild every step of the way. From emergency repairs and storm damage restoration to full restoration of your home or building, NCRI is here for you.

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NCRI has one of the largest networks of rapid response personnel and equipment in the United States. With our 24/7/365 communications team on standby, we can be ready at a moment’s notice to control the devastating effect a natural disaster can cause.

In the event of an impending disaster, such as a hurricane or flood, NCRI will pre-stage personnel and equipment to facilitate our response

call 24/7: (800) 598-NCRI


Every project is different. After 50+ years of responding to disasters of every kind, we’ve learned that the first step in effective response and restoration is developing and following a well-conceived plan.


Our 24/7 dispatchers gather all pertinent information and send a Disaster Response Team to your site. We mobilize all necessary resources, including vehicles preloaded with safety, cleaning, drying and construction equipment from NCRI or one of our regional affiliates.


When the NCRI project manager and their team arrive, they establish communication, obtain clearance to enter the site and make an immediate assessment. The team addresses all safety issues with residents and/or personnel, including environmental hazards, unstable areas, and any lock outs/tag outs.


The NCRI team initiates all procedures necessary to restore the home or building to a habitable condition in the shortest time possible.

call 24/7: (800) 598-NCRI
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The storm may come and go, but our team doesn’t leave until the job is done. NCRI is committed to staying with you from the first call through your entire recovery consultation and completing every step of the storm damage cleanup, restoration, and repair process. As a Class A General Contractor, NCRI can handle every aspect of storm damage restoration, from emergency repairs to complete reconstructions.

While some other companies focus on “fast and cheap,” NCRI is a full service contractor that is committed to giving you a permanent solution. Our goal is to save you time and money wherever we can, making sure the job is done right the first time.

call 24/7: (800) 598-NCRI


NCRI has an entire network of disaster recovery resources to help mitigate the loss to your property and help you rebuild every step of the way.

call 24/7: (800) 598-NCRI
Tornado sky over home


One of the cruelest disasters we face in the U.S. is the devastating effects of high wind storms. These natural disasters cause unprecedented damage to structures and bring water and fire hazards as well.

Wildfires approaching homes


Fire, smoke, and soot from wildfires can cause life-threatening situations and also produce toxins that can be harmful months or years after a disaster. Ice storm damage and hail storm damage can cause a lot of harm to your home or business. They can knock out power, collapse structures and cause critical water damage.

Earthquake cracked sidewalk


Major earthquakes are responsible for some of the most costly damage and lead all other natural disasters in loss of life. These unfortunate and very dangerous disasters can be mitigated with the proper prevention plans.

Pipe bursting

Pipe Breaks

This process typically includes repairing the pipe, extracting any standing water, drying out the affected areas and restoring any damaged property or belongings. NCIR specialists use specialized equipment and techniques to quickly repair the damage caused by pipe breaks, ensuring the affected area is safe to inhabit once again.

Flooded office space


Renovating excess water from a property, repairing any structural damage and restoring the affected area to its pre-flood condition. This can include drying out the space, sanitizing and deodorizing and preventing mold growth.

Debris and destroyed multi-family living


This involves the systematic process of assessing and mitigating the environmental impact of storms. This includes cleaning up debris, controlling erosion, restoring waterways and habitats, addressing pollution and implementing long-term monitoring to ensure ecosystem recovery and resilience.

Person cleaning and sanitizing bench


Disease and pandemic restoration services, utilizing decontamination technologies to ensure environments are thoroughly sanitized and safe. Our experienced team provides comprehensive cleaning, disinfection, and air quality testing tailored to each client's specific needs, aiding communities in their efforts to recover and rebuild.

Damaged roof from wind

Wind Damage

Assessing the extent of the damage, securing the property to prevent further harm, removing debris, repairing structural damage and restoring the property to its pre-damaged condition.

Building destroyed to rubble


Coordinated effort to repair and rebuild communities. Including assessing structural damage to buildings, clearing debris, restoring utilities and providing support to affected residents. The overall goal is to restore normalcy and safety to impacted areas, enabling residents to rebuild their lives and communities.

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