Fire damaged stairs and interior


The effects of a fire in your home or business are very serious and, if not properly handled, can cause long-term problems for you, your employees, and your loved ones. Even when a fire is contained to a specific area, other forms of damage and hazards—including smoke, soot, odor, and water—can travel through the structure.

One call to NCRI connects you to the help you need, anywhere in the U.S.

We will dispatch our team of professional fire damage restoration technicians to handle the fire damage cleanup operation and help reduce the impact of your loss. Our team is trained to help mitigate further loss, control the damaged areas, and restore your property to a better condition than before your fire.

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Contact the Professionals Immediately

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As soon as you’ve experienced a fire in your home or business, it’s time to call in the professionals. Time is of the essence to mitigate losses and prevent further damage. NCRI will deploy one of our nationwide rapid response teams to inspect your property, evaluate the damage and plan with you how to move forward. Your NCRI professional will coordinate any immediate structure needs, such as board-ups or emergency roof repairs.

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Address the Full Scope of the Damage

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Even if the fire itself only burned a portion of the home or building, the entire structure must be properly inspected and restored. Smoke, soot and water can cause damage beyond the burn area and compromise safety. Getting the full scope of the damage before repairs begin can save lives, time and money.

The NCRI team goes through an extensive evaluation of your property, looking for fire, smoke, odor, soot and even potential water hazards. Once we have surveyed the scene, we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the damage and our process for appropriately tackling the situation. As professional fire damage repair contractors, we will send in our skilled and dedicated team to get your property back in shape.


Remove Soot & Smoke Residue

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Following a fire, the remaining structure and contents are typically coated with a fine black residue—soot. If not properly removed, soot can get pulled into the air ducts and recirculate. Soot can mix with the humidity that results from the effect of water on flames, creating an acidic residue that will continue to cause damage the longer it remains.

Put plainly, soot and smoke can be toxic and hazardous, and require the attention of skilled restoration professionals.

The NCRI team is trained to safely and properly remove all smoke and soot residue throughout the entire structure so you can start fresh.



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Our restoration service transforms fire-damaged properties with precision and care, employing advanced techniques to not only restore but enhance your space. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless rebuild, turning the aftermath into a rejuvenated home, making the process an opportunity for a fresh beginning.

OUR fire damage SERVICES

One call to NCRI connects you to the help you need, anywhere in the U.S.

call 24/7: (800) 598-NCRI
Smoke and fire damaged building

Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke and soot are harmful, potentially toxic, byproducts of a fire. It isn’t enough to just wipe a surface off and throw a little paint over it, which can still leave an odor. Our top priority is ensuring that your structure has not been compromised and is totally abated of any harmful or hazardous residue.

Debris scattered throughout damaged building

Compound Damage Restoration

Most people don’t think about water when they have just had a fire. However, water lines within the structure, water from fire suppression systems, and the water used to extinguish the fire can cause damage. Soot can mix with the humidity and create an acidic residue. This is called compound damage. NCRI considers all aspects of compound damage when cleaning and restoring your property.

Workers reconstructing a damaged building

Repairs & Reconstruction

The process of restoring and making a building safe after a fire is complicated and requires great attention to detail. Load-bearing walls and supports can be damaged, which is why it’s important to hire a Class A contractor like NCRI. We have the qualifications to handle your project, from emergency repairs to complete rebuilds.

As a Class A General Contractor, we can provide both fire damage reconstruction and continued project management. Having the expertise to identify your needs before starting a restoration project saves you time and money.

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