Environment Mitigation & Cleaning Program – Coronavirus

March 3, 2020

Coronavirus Update

With the recent outbreak and cause for concern of contamination within building facilities due to coronavirus, the NCRI Environmental Mitigation Division has prepared a cleaning and disinfecting program for current and prospective clients.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) does not currently have a recommendation or protocol for cleaning or mitigation of coronavirus. However, both organizations have recommendations and guidelines for non-envelope viruses such as H1N1 influenza that NCRI has built into our Standard of Procedures.

NCRI is currently working with clients across the U.S. developing specific environmental cleaning programs due to coronavirus. If you have concerns about your facility, contact your Local Health Department for reporting and observation. Next, call NCRI at 800-598-6274. NCRI’s Environmental Mitigation Division can help contour a plan of action for your specific needs.

NCRI’s full time technicians are prepared and trained to handle specific Environmental Mitigation needs. NCRI maintains certifications with HAZWOPER, Blood Bourne Pathogen, Certified Mold Remediation Specialists, and Certified Healthcare Managers.

NCRI utilizes 3rd party Industrial Hygienist and Toxicology laboratories to provide the most accurate and transparent data analysis for our clients, which is utilized within the Standard of Procedures for coronavirus mitigation and cleaning.

NCRI is a trusted resource in the planning and development for coronavirus mitigation and cleaning and can help decrease disruptions in business operations.

Please contact NCRI at 800-598-6274 to develop your specified plan today.

Reuben Kerbs
E.V.P National Accounts

Justin Maxson
Executive Director

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