Commercial Restoration

February 1, 2022

Our Relationships

We are the only Certified Woman Owned, ISO 9001 Quality Certified, full service restoration business in our industry. From the very beginning, our personal commitment, proven methods, specialized services and technically advanced procedures have established NCRI as a global leader in disaster restoration.

NCRI clients include corporations from across the economic spectrum, representing manufacturing and industrial, aerospace, government agencies, public utilities, academia, environmental services, ISO organizations and many more. The many services we have provided to our clients include, fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, storm damage restoration, mold removal, and other specialized services. As a recognized leader in our industry, NCRI is an ideal source for help and advice on all areas of restoration methodology — systems, procedures, applications, equipment, treatments and timelines.

Communications And Reporting

Underpinning our entire operation as well as our individual relationships with clients, underwriters and authorities is our highly developed communications network.

  • NCRI’s central communications system is maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, via direct phone lines, full-time on call project managers, and personal cell phones to ensure that we’re there whenever you need us. Contact us today.
  • Our state-of-the-art broadband network links NCRI to every corner of the globe, giving us instant access to weather conditions around the clock, around the world.
  • We provide web-based reporting and project tracking online, accessible through daily job-site updates. Once information is entered, all job-site information can be viewed immediately via our secure, password-protected job-site data files.

Specialized Services

  • Drying And Dehumidification
    NCRI maintains one of the largest inventories of drying equipment in the nation, including turbo fans, portable refrigerant dehumidifiers, large cargo air dehumidifiers, and truck-mounted desiccant dehumidifiers. Our technicians are uniquely qualified to deal with water damage to structure and contents.
  • Document Drying & Restoration
    We specialize in salvaging water-damaged records, reports, books, and vital paper documents. NCRI’s HIPAA Certified staff relies on a variety of proven drying techniques, from traditional air circulation methods to advanced procedures including freeze-drying.
  • Electronics Restoration
    The more sophisticated the computer age has become, the more challenging disaster restoration of electronic components has become. NCRI’s electronics restoration team — electronics specialists, systems engineers and technical restorers – employs state-of-the-art methods to clean and restore computer stations, network servers, circuit boards, microchips, telecommunications switch gears, communications control boards, and more. We can even clean anti-static honeycomb flooring and areas beneath raised flooring – common trouble spots for dust, particulates, water intrusion and mold development.
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